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About me

Hi, I’m Greg, very happy that you're here reading this! I'm 31 years old and married to my gorgeous girl, Jess. We own a home together where our dog, Judge, and two cats, Smokey and Rosie, reside. No kids yet, stay tuned.

I make my living by programming, running niche websites and affiliate marketing. This is all a work in progress, as is everything in life. I'm constantly reading, learning and improving in anyway I can.

Hobbies include my love of sports (NY Giants, Yankees, Syracuse sports, MMA), crypto, video games and streaming. I love to bullshit about all the nonsense going on in the world. Follow my twitter to keep up.


I currently work full-time in the insurance industry developing web applications. 11+ years experience. I can make it if you pay me.


Direct Response Marketing + Copywriting + Niche Websites. This is how I pump my wallet on the side.

Example:, an automated site that brings in triple digits a month. 1-2 hours a month of work.


I mostly HODL, but sometimes day trade when in the mood. Not trying to brag, but I do have some nice bags. They're not the biggest, but they work well for me. Ask about them if you feel so inclined.


I post on my twitter a lot. Sometimes I stream on I like to try out new things in real life and on the interwebz. Always feel free to ask me anything about anything.

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